Aggressive Criminal Defense

At our Orlando-based law firm — Private Counsel, LLC — we focus intensively on criminal defense for people accused of crimes in many counties in Florida. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in all Florida counties. We have represented thousands of people with a range of criminal charges, from drunk driving to criminal traffic offenses, possession and sale of drugs, violations of probation, federal cases and domestic violence, to name a few.

Aggressive DUI Defense

Attorney Shon Douctre specializes in DUI cases. That is his favorite case to defend.  Many good people get DUIs and they need help. With over 20 years of doing DUI, Shon has been called “the wizard” and the “Duke of DUI’ by many in the legal community and his clients. By hiring Attorney Shon, you get the benefit of the 20 years of successful results. Hire Attorney Shon for your DUI case.

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ORLANDO DUI & CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS: Personal Approach and Attention On Every Case

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“When the cuffs go on, better call Shon!”

Attorney Shon has vast experience at the DMV and how to get you your full license back, limit any current suspension, or obtain a hardship or business purposes-only license.

Orlando DUI Lawyer

Our law firm is dedicated to beating the charges you are facing, protecting your freedom and your driver’s license. To get the best possible results, we use years of EXPERIENCE. Experience means that we investigate how prosecutors and judges typically treat cases like yours. It also means that we know what to do to protect your rights and defend you — and that we can sometimes prevent charges from being filed or get charges dismissed and/or dropped to a lesser offense. In the event we need to go to trial on the case, we will fight as hard as possible to get you acquitted.

Our Practice Focus

DUI Defense

DUI Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable, personable, friendly, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable
  • Free and confidential consultations on pending criminal cases
  • Payment plans available
  • Credit cards accepted
  • After-hours contact available
  • No court appearance required by you in most traffic ticket cases
  • Hablamos español

Take Criminal Charges Seriously. Talk With Attorney Shon Douctre.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that can affect your future. Before you hire an attorney to defend you or someone you love, consider the facts. Any attorney who has passed the bar can handle a criminal case, but it takes a great attorney with two decades of experience in a given subject area to achieve the best possible result. Choose Shon! Shon wants to help you.

About Attorney Shon Douctre

At Private Counsel, LLC , our managing partner, Shon Douctreuses his over 20 years of legal experience to fight hard for his clients. Shon is a breath test operator and a breath test maintenance technician; which helps him successfully represent people accused of drunk driving.

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Our Focus

Florida criminal law — including the law in DUI cases — is technical and sophisticated. The law always changes and involves harsh penalties that can ruin a person’s life or livelihood. That’s why it’s critical to choose an attorney who focuses his or her career in the given area of law. Shon Douctre is affordable and experienced. At Private Counsel, LLC, criminal charges, DUI and traffic tickets are the main focus of the practice.

We only fight for people accused of crimes, and our lawyers have proudly never worked on the side of the police or the prosecution to prosecute someone such as yourself. We take every action possible within the bounds of the law to make sure that your rights are protected from those prosecuting you.

Case Results

Orange County DUI

Reduced To Reckless Driving

Orange County Felony Battery and Resisting Arrest


Brevard County - Two DUIs

Dropped one and 1st time minimum penalties of one

Osceola County - Felony Habitual Driving of Suspended License:

Reduced to Misdemeanor DWLS, 3 month’s probation, 25 hours community service

What Our Clients Say


Attorney Shon Douctre and his legal Assistant Ana are the dream team you want defending you! From the start you will feel like you are in great hands. Shon is an expert in criminal law, he explains everything to you in layman’s terms, he is always available for your questions, he knows the system and how it works, and will get you the best outcome.

Annika S.


I have referred everyone I know to Shon over the last 20 years. He is truly the premier criminal defense and DUI lawyer in Central Florida due to his ties to the community and knowledge. As they say, “when the cuffs go on, better call Shon!” I can’t even express to you how true that is. I always keep his card in my wallet. Strongly recommended. Hire him immediately.

Michael Houston


Attorney Douctre is the best man for the job. He personally handles all his cases. You won’t get pawned off on someone else. No case is too difficult for him. I have seen him in court, and he has a presence. I used him twice and Judges respect him, plus everyone at the courthouse seems to love him and say hi. It’s crazy what legal connections he has. Not only is Shon a true professional and an expert lawyer, but he has a way to make people smile. You can stop searching for a lawyer right now and go with him. Call him and see what I am talking about.

 -J R.


If you search online for Attorney Shon Douctre, you will see hundreds of positive results. Search him up. Shon told me, “You are only as good as your last case”, and it is true. Shon is an excellent lawyer who cares about all his clients, he has empathy, and is basically a really nice guy too.  Best of all, he gives you his cell phone. So you have direct contact with him always. No run arounds, no BS.

– David Ansara