Pro Hac Vice Florida: Non-Florida Attorneys Who Need Help

If you are an out-of-state attorney or non-Florida attorney who needs a Pro Hac Vice sponsor because a client has hired you to represent them on a Florida case in one of the counties we serve, please call us!

Attorney Shon Douctre has experience in this area and is available to assist you with the Florida court system. Shon has extensive experience in the counties in which he practices. As you may know, if an out of state attorney wants to take a case in Florida and he or she is not a member of the Florida Bar, he or she can still practice here on a case-by-case basis with a Florida Licensed sponsor. Shon would enjoy the privilege of working with you.

Useful information about Pro Hac Vice in Florida

An out-of-state attorney or non-Florida attorney can appear Pro Hac Vice in most Florida courts even though the attorney is not a member of the Florida Bar. This is on a limited and case by case basis. However, there are certain requirements that vary based on the court and the court local rules, but generally speaking, there is a $250 fee to the Florida Bar, a $100 fee to the clerk of court, sometimes hearing is required by the court and not the Florida Bar, and a petition or motion along with a verified statement must be submitted beforehand. Shon can help you through the process and use his knowledge and skills to ensure a fast and easy entrance into taking that case and being able to practice.

Please contact us at 407-965-1190 to discuss your needs, requirements, and case/client's goals. We look forward to hearing from you.