DMV or DHSMV Hearings

Protecting Your Rights and Your Driver's License - DMV or DHSMV HEARINGS

Losing your license in Florida can affect your employment and can cause big problems for you, as you will have to rely upon public transportation, friends and family members to drive you around. If hired on your DUI, Mr. Douctre will fight to avoid your impending license suspension.

In most DUIs, whether you are over the limit or if you refused the breath test, a DHSMV hearing can be requested for $25 to give the driver the chance to challenge the suspension of his or her license. If hired, Mr. Douctre typically will present any evidence on your behalf and try to prove that you should not become suspended or, at the very least, instruct you how to petition for reinstatement as early as possible into the suspension.

If you were lucky enough to NOT be arrested for DUI as a result of a traffic stop, but where still issued a "Notice of Suspension" or a .02 Violation (for persons under 21) by an law enforcement officer, you would be wise to call us NOW.  You only have 10 days to do something.  It is not wise to represent yourself with one of these.  A "Notice of Suspension" is ordinarily something a cop can write you up for if he/she does not want to physically arrest for DUI, but wants to get your attention.  Mostly, Attorney Douctre sees these being issued to persons under 21 years of age and/or students (both college and high school).  People often ask:  Can they do this?  Yes!  Is this a DUI?  No.  Will a DUI follow in the mail?  It is possible.  Will this appear on my criminal or driving record?  That question depends on too many things, but can be answered by Attorney Shon Douctre.