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Federal Charges

Attorney Shon Douctre can represent you in Federal Court in the Middle District. In fact, the US Courthouse is right down the street from his office. Mr. Douctre is a long time member of the Federal bar (2002) and will use his years of experience to your advantage.

Re-entry of deported alien cases

If you or a loved one have been accused of re-entering the United States after deportation, it is important to hire a Federal Attorney to defend the case. This type of case is one of the most common seen in Federal Courts these days. As the United States has increasing trouble from persons and countries abroad, the laws concerning illegal aliens are becoming more and more strict. Mr. Douctre is dedicated to his clients who are in this terrible situation. Mr. Douctre will take every step needed to seek the least possible sentence from the Government and Court on his case. Please call for more information. Se habla Espanol.

Child Pornography cases

Being accused of such a case is devastating, no matter who you are. The charge alone can ruin a person’s life and damage their reputation. Our society today has pressured the Courts to treat these cases with the strictest of sanctions. Sanction being incredibly long incarceration sentences in most cases.

There are three main types of cases, 1) those child porn cases where someone has sabotaged the Defendant and planted inappropriate and illegal images and/or data on their computer and/or phone for purposes of revenge and 2) persons who made a terrible mistake and chose to explore or download material that is highly illegal to possess and was ultimately in a sting by Federal Agents and local police, 3) cases where someone else had joint control over the computer, files, or property where the illegal material was found.

In any case, the government of the United States will most likely be seeking heavy jail sentences depending on how much content was found and to a lesser degree the Defendant’s prior criminal history (clean or not). The Sentencing Guidelines that the Court will use in determining a possible sentence range, if guilty, for these types of case are heavy, to say the least.

If you have found yourself in this situation, please call us at 407-965-1190 for a free and confidential telephone evaluation of your case. You may also contact us online, and one of our staff will contact you about your case to set and appointment.

Drug Trafficking

In Federal Court, Drug Trafficking is also very serious depending on the substance being dealt and the amount possessed or sold. Defendant’s are shocked to hear minimum mandatory sentences of 10-20 years with a million dollars per count for even very small amounts. These days, meth, heroin, and Oxycodone are some of the drugs treated with very heavy sanctions. In many cases, a homicide charge in State court can be treated equal to or lesser than a Federal Drug Trafficking case – in terms of mandatory minimums and maximums. If you have found yourself being charged with Federal Drug Trafficking, please call Attorney Shon Douctre as soon as possible to arrange representation.


Weapons Charges

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and/or possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in furtherance of a drug crime is common in Federal Court. This type of charge usually stems from a Drug Trafficking case when the Defendant’s person or property was searched and it is found that he/she has a prior Felony conviction. This charge can add significant time to any person’s sentence. If you or a loved one has a charge like this, please call Attorney Douctre for a free consultation to see what can be done.