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Orlando Out-of-State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arrested on Vacation in Orlando?

Florida is a great tourist destination. Many people come to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World or other vacation hotspots. They plan on having fun. Instead, they find themselves facing criminal charges. Some locals say, come here on vacation, leave on probation. Do not let that happen to you!

If you’ve been arrested while on vacation in Orlando, the local attorneys at Private Counsel, LLC, can handle the matter for you. Over the years, we have handled many, many cases for people who have been arrested while on vacation in Florida. We know what actions to take to resolve the matter quickly and effectively. In many cases, we can resolve the case without you having to come back to Florida. This may be the case in your situation, so please call us to discuss your possibilities.

Our criminal defense lawyers handle cases of all types, including:

Whether a traffic ticket or a criminal charge, you can hire us over the telephone or Internet..

Whether you got a speeding or traffic ticket here in Orlando, Central Florida, Orange or Osceola counties while here on vacation, we want to help. Many people fear that getting a traffic ticket in Florida can appear on their driving record in another state. It can! In most cases, our attorneys can go to court and handle the ticket without you having to come back to Florida.

Our attorneys will do everything possible to ensure you are not convicted and/or accessed points. Please call us now. We can take your information and payment over the phone.

It is easy and quick. Call now.

Whether a traffic ticket or a criminal charge, much of the work on your case can be done over the telephone or Internet..

Criminal cases, criminal tickets and serious civil citations require your attendance at court. However, there are sometimes legal ways around that if you are represented by an attorney and he gets court permission excusing you beforehand.

In fact, in many criminal cases as stated, you might not even have to appear in court. Lawyers from our Orlando law firm can make the appearance for you so that you do not have to return to Florida.

Even though the matter happened out of your home state, it is important that you do not just ignore the charges once you return to your home. Florida prosecutors won’t forget about your case! They will continue to pursue charges against you, and their work can lead to sanctions in your home state. Don’t ignore it!

The State of Florida takes criminal charges seriously. Even a misdemeanor can have life-altering consequences. If you are considering hiring an attorney whose fees are very low, make sure you understand why. Is the lawyer inexperienced? Has he or she handled a case like yours before? If so, what was the outcome? Hiring an attorney is a critical decision. Make the right one.

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Arrested while on vacation? Call us at 407-965-1190 for a free and confidential telephone evaluation of your criminal law case. You may also contact us online, and one of our staff will contact you about your case.