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DWLS And HTO Suspension Removal

Orlando, Florida, DWLS Defense Attorney

A Florida driver’s license can become suspended for any number of reasons, from a prior DUI suspension and unpaid traffic tickets, to failure to pay court-mandated child support payments. One of the biggest problems clients face in Florida is Habitual Traffic Offender designation by the court or DMV.  Regardless of the reason, driving without a license in Florida is considered a criminal offense. If you face a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge, Private Counsel, LLC offers experienced legal representation that can help you sort through tough state traffic laws.  Being a habitual traffic offender lawyer helps Attorney Douctre know the ins and outs of this complicated law and how is affects his clients.  He would be happy to discuss your issue/case with you.

Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney Florida

Our office has handled a vast amount of persons accused of driving on a habitual traffic offender suspension, with and without knowledge of the suspension.  People are surprised when they find out they are facing a Felony in Florida for this!  Whether you are charged with driving on such a suspension, or this DLWS makes your third HTO strike, or if you want the HTO removed from your license, please call Shon Douctre.  (See below on removal or undoing a Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension)

In general, the consequences of driving with a revoked license can vary depending on a number of issues, including Florida’s Three Strikes laws. If you are facing a DWLS charge, Private Counsel’s experienced DWLS lawyers can help you understand the serious nature of the charges against you:

  • The First Offense – In an initial DWLS offense, you may be charged with a civil infraction or misdemeanor, or unknowingly driving with a suspended license. Criminal charges apply if you knowingly drive with a suspended license, and if found guilty, you face up to sixty days in jail and a five hundred dollar fine.
  • The Second Offense – A second DWLS offense carries penalties up to one year in jail and a five hundred dollar fine. If the offense is the “third strike” against you, it may be automatically considered a felony HTO, carrying a five year suspension of your license.
  • The Third Offense – If you are charged with a third DWLS offense, it is considered a felony in Florida. You can face up to five years in prison and have your driver’s license revoked for five year. In addition, you can be labeled an “habitual traffic offender,” HTO (see below) regardless of whether you were jailed or not.
  • People do not realize that even Driving while License Suspended WITHOUT knowledge causes HTO! Before you pay that ticket, know the consequences! Speak to an experienced attorney…knowledge is power!
  • If you were caught driving on a BPO (business purposes license) or driving on a hardship license and cited for Violation of (DL) Driver’s License Restriction, you are in need of an excellent lawyer to help you. The courts treat those cases very strictly these days. If convicted, the DMV will most likely cancel your hardship license, so be very careful. As a result, you may have to wait a full year before being able to get a new BPO or Hardship License. Attorney Douctre has great experience in handling those types of cases.
  • What is suspending my license?  Is my license suspended?  Click here to find out what the Florida DMV says:

Habitual Offender Florida Law

I want to get an HTO removed? Undo HTO suspensions

Attorney Shon Douctre has vast experience in assisting clients who are labeled HTO or about to get a 5 year HTO (Habitual traffic offender) suspension on their driver’s license removed. If you or a loved one is facing an HTO suspension, please call. In many cases, the suspension can be removed with appropriate legal action. Mr. Douctre has assisted many people in restoring their license after getting an HTO suspension. The process usually takes 30-60 days, so please call now to hire us to overturn your HTO suspension before it is too late.

For an honest assessment from one of the firm’s qualified DWLS attorneys, contact Private Counsel, LLC today for a free initial consultation.