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Orlando DUI Law Attorney

If you have questions after an arrest, you are not alone. Many people are confused, overwhelmed and frightened after being accused of a DUI. It’s normal not to know what to do or where to turn, but if you have any questions — if you need help — you can always ask Mr. Douctre.

Our Orlando law firm is dedicated to giving straight answers and strong defenses to people accused of DUI in Florida. Private Counsel, LLC, combines the work of managing member attorney Shon Douctre.

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Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Is money tight?

How much does a first-time DUI cost? How much does a DUI cost? These are all important questions. Attorney Douctre charges anywhere from $4,000-$5,000 on a first DUI. Priors, injuries, and crashes can increase the cost to help you. Have no fear, we are willing to work with you and can take your case for 1/3 down. If that is affordable to you, please contact us for more details and a FREE, no-obligation case quote.

As every case is different, our fee depends on an estimate of the time involved and any demands or conditions that are unique to your case. The client is responsible for costs and expenses, unless agreed to otherwise. Usually, the costs are minor in the case of misdemeanors like DUI.

Should I get a public defender or a private attorney?

You should hire us. A public defender is NOT free legal representation. You can only get a public defender if you are indigent. Many times public defenders must juggle heavy caseloads and that sometimes can prevent them from putting in the needed time and energy necessary to defend the case as good as a private attorney with more time on his hands can. The main complaint we hear is that public defenders work for the state of Florida and they do not trust them. Public defenders are good people, but truly are overworked. Regardless of what you heard, whether it is good or bad, you should still call us to find out what options may be available in hiring a private attorney. You will never know unless you call and the consultation is FREE!

The Resources for the Best Possible Results

We strive for the best result! At Private Counsel, LLC, we have the resources necessary to properly handle your case. If necessary, we can bring in experts to testify on your behalf. We also have in-depth knowledge of Florida drunk driving law. Attorney Shon Douctre is breathalyzer attorney who is a certified breathalyzer operator and a breathalyzer maintenance technician. Shon has extensively studied the breathalyzer machine. As a breathalyzer attorney, he has established a record of handling many DUI/DWI cases.

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To get started on your case, call us at 407-965-1190. You may also contact us online to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our Orlando DUI law attorneys.