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Orlando First Time Drunk Driving Offense Lawyer

Attorney Shon Douctre concentrates heavily on defending first time DUIs. Did you know, in Florida, a person is presumed to be impaired if the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or more? That number means different things for different people in terms of whether or not the person is in fact impaired. Two people can drink the exact same amount but have drastically different effects from the alcohol. Height, weight, tolerance, gender and even whether you are drinking on a full stomach or an empty one can all have an impact on your impairment level. You could be under or over the limit and still do poorly on field testing.

At our Orlando, Florida, law firm – Private Counsel, LLC – we represent people who have been accused of drunk driving. Many of our clients are facing a first offense DUI. First offenses (and a second, for that matter) are mostly considered misdemeanors under Florida law. First-time offenders are our primary DUI clients, because DUI can happen to anyone.

DUI Is Many Times An “Opinion” Crime

That’s why it’s easy to misjudge and to get behind the wheel while you are above the .08 BAC. On the other hand, it’s also easy for the police to misjudge and to accuse people of drunk driving when that is not the case.

THINK ABOUT IT: If you experience a brain injury, you see a brain surgeon. If you get arrested for drunk driving, you contact Private Counsel, LLC. Contact the professional who is right for the job — the one with the experience, knowledge and skill to successfully handle a delicate matter like your case.

Accused Of DUI? You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Just because you have been accused of a DUI does not mean that you are automatically guilty. Just because you are facing charges does not mean that you are a criminal. It means that you need experienced and highly competent legal counsel as soon as possible. It means that you need the lawyers at Private Counsel, LLC.

DUI is an enhanceable offense which means that the penalties for a DUI can become more serious in certain situations. For instance, if you had a child in the car, your blood alcohol content was very high, an accident was involved or you injured someone else, then you could be facing more serious consequences. Thus, it is critical to take the matter seriously and hire us within 10 days of your arrest.

At Private Counsel, LLC, our record speaks for itself. We have been extremely effective in accomplishing the goals of first-time DUI offenders. We know you need to stay out of jail and keep your license from being revoked any longer than required. However, we want to exceed your goals and get your case dismissed. We will represent you at your DHSMV hearing as well (FREE! – if hired on the DUI). After your case is concluded, an expungement of your record might be a priority to you. See our expungement section for more information.

Contact Effective Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Private Counsel, LLC, conducted a drunk driving study and found that 75 percent of people charged with DUI are first-time offenders with little to no experience with the Florida court system. Contact knowledgeable Orlando lawyers for guidance through the court process.