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Orange County Pre-Trial Diversion Lawyer


In some Florida counties such as Orange County and Osceola County, there is pre-trial diversion. Pre-trial diversion is only for people who have a clean or relatively clean record. Pre-trial diversion is for people who have been arrested for DUI (as well as many other charges). Pre-trial diversion depends on the county and varies extraordinarily from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. That is why it is important to hire an attorney who knows your county where your case is being held. Whether you meet the initial criteria is another whole story entirely. However, if you are first eligible for pre-trial diversion, and we can get you in, you may be able to have charges against you dropped!

Once your diversion contract is approved, you must complete certain requirements and perform certain tasks in a given time period. Pre-trial diversion is only available on select cases, so hiring an attorney who knows the ins and outs is key.

If your case is dismissed, you may become eligible to expunge the arrest and the DUI from your criminal record too. The lawyers at Private Counsel, LLC, can help with an expungement.

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Pre-trial diversion carries with it strict guidelines about who can get into the program and who cannot. Many times eligibility is a moving target, similar to getting a mortgage modification. If you don’t have an experienced criminal defense lawyer advocating for you, you could be left out and miss opportunities with your case. Even worse — you could do permanent damage to your case by signing certain paperwork, appearing in court by yourself, or making statements that go against your interests in court. Remember, the State and the court always have its best interests in mind, not yours. To us, your future matters! Do not be foolish and represent yourself in a system designed with laws that are against you.

We work hard to protect our clients from the consequences of a drunk driving arrest — whether that means getting you successfully through a pre-trial diversion program or exploring other options that protect your rights and your freedom. Call Attorney Douctre, so he can ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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