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Orlando College Student DUI Defense Lawyer

At the Orlando law firm of Private Counsel, LLC, many of our clients are college students from schools such as the University of Central Florida, Seminole Community College, and/or Valencia. Some of these students make errors in judgment that lead to criminal charges. Others are wrongly accused of things they did not do — like drive under the influence of alcohol or marijuana possession, etc.  In either case, CALL Attorney Shon Douctre to represent you!

If you have been accused of drunk driving, marijuana possession or virtually any other crime — or if your son or daughter is facing such accusations — there could be a great deal at risk. If a college or university finds out about criminal charges, you could be suspended or expelled after a special administrative proceeding.  If you have questions about whether a giving incident will cause you academic issues, please call us for a consultation.  The call is FREE.

Where does UCF campus property end? Many people do not realize that, at many campuses (such as UCF), school property extends out to the surrounding roads and avenues. So, a drunk driving arrest that occurs near the campus may actually be considered to happen on school property. In fact, some students are shocked to discover that an arrest at a bar a mile from campus can still be considered committing a crime on campus-controlled property under the jurisdiction of the UCF police department.

Students: A drunk driving conviction is something that could follow you around your entire life, so the criminal defense lawyers at Private Counsel, LLC, fight to have the charges dropped or reduced. We take every effort to explore every fact and law that could affect your case.  Get help now before it is too late!

We begin with the traffic stop. Was it legal for the police to stop your vehicle? Was it legal to ask you to get out of the car or to search your person? If we discover a violation of your constitutional rights, we will make sure that the evidence cannot be used against you in Florida courts.

If you are a college student, there are many reasons to choose Private Counsel, LLC. We offer FREE and confidential consultations, payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. We also offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. Hablamos español.


Many times, police set up DUI CHECK POINTS in and around Florida college campuses, mainly UCF.  If you got caught up in such a sting, please call me.  There are strict rules regarding these and cops get it wrong!  Contact an attorney who knows the laws and rules regarding these.  Contact Shon Douctre.

Contact a Kissimmee DUI Attorney for College Students Attorney

To get started on your case, call us at 407-965-1190. You may also contact us online to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an Orlando college student DUI defense attorney about drug crimes and DUI defense.