Repeat DUIs and Felony DUIs

Experience Representing DUI Clients in Florida

Want to save your license and avoid conviction? The attorneys at Private Counsel, LLC, understand your need to move on with your life, and they know how to analyze the facts of your arrest to get you the best possible outcome based on the facts of your repeat or felony DUI case.

Attorneys Shon Douctre and Jill Hampton have helped many clients in Florida get repeat DUI charges reduced or dismissed. They have the knowledge to improve your position and lessen the consequences of a conviction, including the partial reinstatement of driving privileges. Contact a qualified DUI defense team for help with your case.

Shon Douctre is not only a seasoned DUI attorney, but he is certified as a Breathalyzer operator and maintenance technician. With this highly useful qualification, and because he knows the flaws of this widely used device, he is in a position to question the accuracy of blood alcohol concentration readings. He will take the time to explain everything that is involved in the DUI process. The team at Private Counsel, LLC, will also investigate the procedures used by the police when you were stopped. Police officers must have a reason to pull you over or your constitutional rights may have been violated.

Defending Repeat DUI Offenses

You did not mean for it to happen, but it did. Having multiple DUI offenses does not make you a bad person, but it does mean that you need an attorney who will fight to get your conviction dismissed.

Each DUI you receive increases the potential punishment that a judge can order. Other factors, such as having children in the car, can also increase the penalty. Whether it is your first or your sixth DUI charge, Mr. Douctre will fight to get you the best possible outcome.  People foundly call Mr. Douctre, "The Duke of DUI."